Pure Encapsulations UltraMag Magnesium 120s

Pure Encapsulations UltraMag Magnesium 120s

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Enhanced-absorption and bioavailability mineral technology

UltraMag Magnesium utilizes an innovative microencapsulation technology to enhance the absorption of magnesium. This technology creates a phospholipid bilayer around the mineral that is similar to a liposome, increasing solubility in the gastrointestinal fluids and facilitating absorption across membranes. In a comparative crossover study, magnesium in the Sucrosomial® matrix was compared to other forms of magnesium in human subjects. Twenty-four-hour blood and urinary magnesium measurements indicated superior absorption of Sucrosomial® magnesium compared to magnesium citrate, glycinate, and oxide.

Liposome-like microencapsulation enhances absorption and allows the mineral to pass undamaged through the gastrointestinal environment.

Benefits UltraMag Magnesium
  • Plays a key role in numerous physiological functions, including nutrient metabolism and energy production*
  • Supports healthy bone*
  • Promotes muscle relaxation and cardiovascular health*
  • Clinically studied
  • Phospholipid bilayer microencapsulation technology protects mineral in gastrointestinal lumen, increases dissolvability, and easily crosses membranes
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients
Uses For UltraMag Magnesium
  • Nutrient Utilization: Magnesium activates the enzymes necessary for a number of physiological functions, including the metabolism of macronutrients, energy production and the utilization of most vitamins and minerals.*
  • Musculoskeletal Health: Magnesium is an essential bone matrix mineral. In a cross-sectional study involving 2,038 individuals, higher magnesium intake was positively associated with healthy bone mineralization in certain subgroups. Magnesium also plays an important role in muscle relaxation.*
  • Cardiometabolic Support: Magnesium provides broad-spectrum cardiovascular support, including arterial function, endothelial function, C-reactive protein metabolism and lipid metabolism. A meta-analysis of 20 randomized trials suggests that it also promotes healthy systolic and diastolic function. In addition, magnesium supports healthy glucose metabolism. In one 15-year study involving 4,637 young adults, higher intakes of magnesium were associated with healthy cardiovascular function and glucose utilization. In another cross-sectional study involving 210 elderly individuals, optimal magnesium intake was associated with positive mood, lipid metabolism, and lean body mass. Magnesium also plays important roles in mood and calming as well as cranial vessel comfort.*